Core Competency

The three pillars of support on which the edifice of Agrocorp stands are:


A dedicated team of logistics experts have enabled Agrocorp customers to weather the unprecedented volatility in the shipping and transportation business in recent times to achieve on time performance, every time. The Agrocorp customer is assured of the fastest possible turnaround time for his demand. A successful trade call at our company is about decisiveness, speedy communication and action, trouble shooting and just-in-time deliveries.


Experienced trade calls, attention to detail, sound analysis and risk management mechanisms ensure fulfillment of contractual obligations.


The company enjoys long-term and enduring relationships with suppliers in various parts of the world the benefits of which get passed on to Agrocorp customers. Our business and financial partnerships act as enablers in innovative deals and practices such as counter-trading and barter, hedge downside risk and enable the company to tailor-make customised solutions.

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