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At Agrocorp it is our firm belief that social and cultural value creation has to keep pace with economic value for sustainable and inclusive growth.

We are one of the founding members of the Global-Agri Business Alliance, a group of private and public sector companies across the food value chain which is focused on sustainability and development challenges. The Global Agri-business Alliance (GAA) is a ground-breaking initiative, committed to harnessing the collective strengths of the global agri-business sector to tackle environmental, social and sustainability challenges to improve the resilience of farmers across the world. The aim is to achieve UN Sustainable Development Goal 2: “end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”. The GAA is unique in being the first global alliance of its kind with private sector companies across the entire value chain of food and non-food crops focused on sustainability and development challenges in our sector. As the companies operating closest to ‘farmgate’ there is considerable potential for us to make advances in tackling the seemingly intractable challenges facing our supply chains, such as climate change. The members span the globe: growers and producers, traders, fertiliser and agro-chemicals manufacturers, seed suppliers, primary processors and agri-tech suppliers from both food and non-food crops.

We supported the "Count Me In” charity concert in Singapore. The funds raised went towards maximising the potential of people with disabilities so that they can be self-reliant and independent. The concert featured the lauded Singapore Chinese Orchestra, directed by leading music director Tsung Yeh, and young vocalist Lauren Yeo, who held her own sold out solo concert at the Esplanade at the age of 9 and has performed in Carnegie Hall. The concert was a charity event and the funds raised helped to maximise the potential of people with disabilities so that they can be self-reliant and independent. The event is organised by SPD – Serving people with disabilities in Singapore and was supported by our associate company Artecompass Pte Ltd. We support SPD who is s committed to working in partnership with people with disabilities to develop their potential to the fullest so that they can be self-reliant and independent. For more details, kindly log on to

Marking its 25th Year, our associate company Arte Compass spearheaded the idea and organised the concert “Mystique 7 in Sapthapadi” by Singapore Indian Orchestra & Choir which traces the mysterious significance of Sapthapadi or sacred seven steps taken by the bride and groom around the divine Agni or sacrificial fire binding them in holy matrimony. The performance was by Singapore’s local artists of the Peoples Association (PA) Talents on 5th Oct at Victoria Theatre Through this event, Agrocorp was supporting “Project Smile” a Non- Profit Organisation in Singapore, founded in 2010 by a group of likeminded Indian Women who came forward to help the underprivileged women in our society.

Agrocorp’s employees took part in the Nature Cares programme of the National Parks Board. Employees partnered underprivileged children and helped them participate in the activities. This programme aims to encourage corporations and children to serve the needs of the community together through nature-based activities. Known as Nature Cares, it is the only integrated and structured corporate responsibility programme in Singapore that creates nature-related opportunities for corporations and children to volunteer their time with community groups which include the elderly and children with special needs. For a sustained period of one year, Agrocorp International in collaboration with Nature Cares gave our employees an opportunity to participate in six organised activities to reach out to a diverse group of beneficiaries. This programme benefits Agrocorp Employees, School Children and Voluntary Welfare Organisation.

Agrocorp supported an internal donation drive amongst its employees on a 2:1 basis to support MILAAP, a crowdfunding site. These funds will be utilised to support farmers as well as help to solve the education and health problems faced by many in rural India. Milaap is India's leading crowdfunding platform for personal and social causes. Our community of donors and lenders come from 130 countries across the world, and have contributed over Rs 96 Cr supporting 66,450 projects across India. Over the last six years, Milaap has become the preferred platform for people to raise and contribute for the causes they care for in India. Milaap began in 2010, as a micro lending platform for the rural poor. Carefully selected field partners identify beneficiaries who take loans for education, basic amenities and capital for their micro and small businesses. It slowly metamorphosed into a larger platform to allow individuals and charities showcase their initiatives. Milaap Open was launched in October 2014, and it has helped thousands of champions raise funds for their personal causes, for their friends and family and for causes of national importance. These include crowdfunding for charities, medical expenses, education, volunteering and fellowships, neighbourhood, emergencies, natural disasters, sports, documentaries, arts, and animals rescue projects benefiting individuals or communities in need.

Our Other Initiatives are
  • We continue to be at the forefront of supporting community initiatives. We have supported charity events for the Education Trust Fund for Disadvantaged Children & the Dyslexic Association of Singapore
  • Our Canada office continues to support a soup kitchen for the homeless, finding a way to give back to the society by using samples as ingredients.
  • We have supported Buckhunger, an initiative that feeds street kids in Cambodia during 2012/2013.
  • In the sports arena, our cricket team played in the IA T20 Super Challenge – Olam Cup, a premiere tournament that was held in Singapore in 2011.
  • We fully support Arte Compass Pte Ltd, a professional event management company, devoted to preserving our art and cultural heritage and creating cross-cultural and cosmopolitan experiences that transcend language, race and nationality.

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