15th September 2016

Agrocorp is proud to be one of the 36 founding members of The Global-Agri Business Alliance, the first global alliance of its kind with private sector companies across the entire value chain of food and non-food crops focused on sustainability and development challenges in our sector. The GAA was launched today at the Building Sustainable Futures Forum sponsored by Olam in Singapore. Vishal Vijay and Jeremy Cheah from Agrocorp attended the event which had more than 360 participants from across the world.

Mr Vijay Iyengar says “The agriculture and food production sector is one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases across industries. While we serve a vital need in producing and transporting food around the world, it is important to ensure that we do so in a sustainable manner. This means employing efficient production practices and supply chain control and to work together with one another to promote a wider adoption. This is why groups coming together, like the GAA, are so important and we aim to take an active role.”

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