Wheat is a major part of our grain complex which we primarily supply goes for milling. We trade about approx 4 million of wheat annually, with Canada / India / Black Sea/ Australia as our key origins and Bangladesh/Pakistan/south east asia/UAE as some of our current destinations. We are very competitive in the tenders in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Indonesia.



The company handles more than 2 million mt of sugar a year with its enduring relationships with producers in India, Thailand and Brazil and with end users in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Middle East, Bangladesh, Korea, China and Pakistan.


Pulses and Beans

We handle over 1 million of pulses, beans and rice every year to end users in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Egypt and the Middle East from sources in Canada, Australia, US, Russia, Ukraine, France, Myanmar, East Africa and Egypt. We source Rice from India, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam and end users from East and West Africa. Our pulses range includes the following varieties:

Black Matpe | Pigeon Peas | Desi chickpeas | Kabuli Chickpeas | Lentils | 
Yellow Peas | Green Peas| Butter Peas | Red Kidney Beans | Bamboo Beans | Pigeon Peas |Black Eyed Beans | Pinto Beans | Dun Peas | Mung Beans | Faba Beans |



We trade close to 600,000 of oil seeds every year with Major destinations being
south and south east Asia. Our oil seed basket includes soybeans, canola, flax seeds,
rape seeds, sunflower seeds, niger seeds, mustard seeds and lin seeds.



We trade 100k of cotton in various countries namely East Africa, West Africa, Australia and India which is marketed in major consuming markets i.e. Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Pakistan and China. Our sourcing is primarily from ginners and exporters at
the origin with whom we have good relationship and the line-of-sight on quality. We
work with reputed shipping lines and other service providers to ensure execution
reliability and to enhance satisfaction level of our customers and suppliers.



We handle more than 1 million tons of grains a year with our sourcing strengths in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakstan, Canada, US, Australia, Brazil and Argentina and trading and shipping strengths in South Asia, Southeast Asia, China and Middle East. Over the last few years we have been successful in competitive tenders in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Indonesia.


Animal Feeds

A wide range of feed products has been traded by us to various destinations across the world. The products are sourced from India, south America, Pakistan, black sea and supplied to Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan and middle east. Our product profile includes Corn, feed wheat, soybean meal, rape seed meal, canola meal, millet, barley, sorghum.


Edible Nuts

100k of cashew products are sourced by us in Africa and Indonesia and shipped to consumers in Vietnam, India and Europe. The varieties we specialize in are:

Raw Cashew nuts in Shell | Processed Cashew nuts | Groundnut Kernels | Peanuts


Non-Agro Products

As part of our diverse portfolio, we also trade in non-agricultural commodities with our global network of partners. These include dry bulk products such as coal, construction materials and intermediate inputs for steelmaking. We also support our growers for their agricultural input requirements such as fertilizers and pesticides. We also have a presence downstream for consumer products such as edible oils and other non perishable packed goods.

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