Turkey Office

The Turkish office is located at Mersin and is mainly into import of lentil, chickpeas, rice,oilseed , meals, beans which is majorly suppliers to big processing plants and spread across Mersin.

Handling volumes of around 30,000 MT, our main focus is on Lentils and Chickpeas taking advantage of Agrocorp Processing Inc. in Canada. Our major strength in turkey would be Indian Kabuli Chikpeas. We also supply all kinds of pulses,cereals,oil seeds and meals.

We are using the advantage of Agrocorp’s globally sourced purchasing power and try to create trustable and longlasting business relationships in the Turkey market with our quality.

Our future plans in turkey would be to increase our product range and strengthen Agrocorp network in Turkey.

For more İnformation contact:

AGROCORP International Gıda ve Tarım Urunleri Ltd.Sti.
Camiserif Mah.5213 Sk.
Emin İshani ½ 33060
Tel: +90 324 237 10 08
Fax: +90 324 237 10 07
Mobile : +90 530 175 52 77
Contact Person : Mr. Toni Şelfun

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