The Singapore 1000 Family of Rankings (Singapore 1000, Singapore SME 1000, Singapore International 100 and Fastest Growing 50) is the prestigious guide that ranks the nation’s top companies annually for close to 3 decades.

S1000 rankings

It is committed to profiling the success of businesses based on financial indicators such as revenue, net profit, return on equity and overseas revenue. Taking into consideration all companies and requiring no paid nominations, the Singapore 1000 analyses over 70,000 audited financials each year to arrive at the top 1000 corporations and SMEs in Singapore. The rankings are shared publicly and distributed to government sectors, embassies, trade organisations, banks, universities and libraries.

Agrocorp has grown in the last 10 years in terms of Sales and Turnover as ranked by the Singapore 1000. In 2009, just 10 years ago, Agrocorp was ranked 204th but in 2018, Agrocorp was ranked 138th for Sales Turnover and this is the highest ranking since 2001.

As for the Singapore International 100, Agrocorp is now ranked 9th compared to 50 just 10 years ago for International Turnover.

You can read more about these rankings on the Experian Website and also read the news article published on the Business Times.