Agrocorp International – Our Locations

For over 30 years, Agrocorp has played a pivotal role in helping to feed and nourish people from all over the world with our agri-food products and solutions. Started and headquartered in Singapore, we have grown to become a leading agri-commodity trader and agri-processor specialising in the global supply of staple food products such as pulses, wheat, sugar, rice, corn, cotton and nuts from the farmers that grow them, to the customers in countries that need them.

Our customers are some of the leading food manufacturers in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions in countries such as India, Bangladesh, China, Turkey and Indonesia. With the global shift towards more sustainable and nutritious diets, we started our plant protein business in 2019 and now offer an array of high protein and plant-based ingredients to our customers. Our repertoire of products and services shape and grow in response to the changing needs of the market.

Whether it is a farm service representative in Canada or Australia, an engineer in one of our food processing plants, or executives and traders in our head office in Singapore, the Agrocorp team is driven by the goal to nourish the world in a timely and sustainable way.
Check out the map below for the locations of our trading offices and agri-processing facilities, including
Australia, the US, Canada, and Africa.


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