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    In June 2017, Agrocorp acquired Associated Grain, one of the largest independently owned pulses processors in Australia and is based out of Dalby, Queensland. It is operational out of 4 plants in the vicinity of Dalby with a cumulative storage capacity of 25,000 metric tons and an ability to handle 200,000 tons a year. The 3 main Associated Grain sites are namely Yumborra, Natcha and Warrego.

    Its product portfolio includes pulses such as chickpea, mung bean and faba beans as well as cereals like wheat and barley. It also has a Chanadal production plant and a growing seeds processing and distribution business.

    Over the last 5 years, Agrocorp has been one of the largest buyers of Australian chickpeas with their 2017 purchases exceeding 200,000 metric tons. The acquisition of Associated Grain, gives the company a valuable pipeline to access Australian pulses directly from thier network of growers.

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