Agrocorp Processing


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Agrocorp Processing was launched in Canada in 2012 and now has 4 high speed loading & cleaning processing plants across Canada. We have put together an experienced team across 5 locations, with our Canadian HQ in Moosejaw, Saskatchewan and a marketing office in Vancouver.

For more information on our Canadian Operations:


    With a handling capacity of 150,000MT per year, Agrocorp Processing’s flagship plant in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan is the largest of our 4 plants in Canada.

    The plant has rapidly expanded to meet the increasing demand for the high-quality pulse crops grown in southern Saskatchewan, having undergone an expansion to increase the plant’s receiving capacity by installing 8 new bins, which works up to an additional 2160 metric tonnes. Along with the increased storage capacity, new handling equipment was also added to reduce the stress on our pulses during the handling process and in turn enhancing quality control.


    The Falher AB site plant which currently is able to handle up to 75,000MT per year, went through an expansion providing for 1200MT of additional storage, complete with an improved handling system in August 2016.

    The new system, despite its robust build is extremely gentle on the product it handles. The new top grain loop turns very slowly and the storage bins are smooth walled with internal ladders, for minimal product contact when accessing the bin. The bottom drag now moves a larger quantity of product at a slower speed with exceptional capacity in the delivery leg to the rail cars.


    The Innisfail plant has a storage capacity of 4,000 MT and has a handling capacity of 80,000MT per year. It has 30 rail car spots and lies in close vicinity the Canadian Pacific railway lines. After 2 phases of expansion the facility now has new conveyors, a high capacity shipping leg and loading bridge along with 5,000mt of additional storage as well as a cleaning house with air/screen, gravities and colour sorters.

    The plant is currently undergoing another expansion, which will double the size of staff and handling capabilities along with providing better marketing opportunities for local producers.


    Situated in the heart of the pea country, Agrocorp’s Cut Knife plant has also seen a bevy of construction activity. In July 2016, Agrocorp started a new construction to upgrade the handling systems across the entire plant facility. Everything from the bins to the tracks got an overhaul. A new catwalk with drags was installed on top of 4 large bins, the receiving leg was reduced by 40 feet to minimize overly aggressive handling. We also now have 2 spouts coming off the main leg feeding the drag to all bins.

    A full upgrade to an electronic bin allocation system ensures that handling is minimized and loading is exact. The cleaner has also been rebuilt and upgraded to ensure our products from the Cut Knife plant keeps up to the Agrocorp grade of quality.