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  • Agrastar Rice Mill

    Agrastar is a partnership between Agrocorp International, Chin Corp Myanmar, a local agricultural inputs supplier and RiverWest Capital, a private equity firm. Agrastar was formed to with the aim of supplying high-quality agri commodities from Myanmar to the global markets, with specific view to target Europe.

    Agrastar built and commissioned a new high quality parboiled rice production and export facility in the Dedaye Township, Ayayarwaddy Region. This facility started production on the 5th of July 2017.

    The 250 ton-per-day facility is completely automated with state of the art technology to process 75,000 tons of paddy annually and produce high quality parboiled, brown and white rice. Agrastar aims to double the size of the mill by the end of 2018 and subsequently expand into other sites in the delta to increase production capacity.

    Agrastar also announced their new brand of Parboiled rice ‘BurmEz’ which is to be marketed as “easy cook rice” in the EU.

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