About Agrocorp



At Agrocorp we strongly believe in the integration of social, ethical, environmental impacts and performance factors into the process of selecting our suppliers. As our supply chains expand globally into developing countries seeking lower costs and greater production capacity, the need for sustainable sourcing comes to the fore.

This is why learning about our customers’ and suppliers’ social and environmental practices is a key part of our KYC process.  At Agrocorp we pride our ourselves as not just being a middle man but to represent the suppliers and customers we deal with.

Ultimately the longer term goal of sustainable sourcing is to build and cultivate strong bonds with our growers. We also work together with our growers, to educate them about the industry best practices, usage of green energy and also to reduce the usage of pesticides and herbicides on their crop.

Achieving sustainability and sustainable sourcing in an extension of Agrocorp’s commitment towards corporate responsibility which has always been a key component of our business model.